Achievement and SIP

Achievement and School Improvement Planning

Measures of Student Achievement and Success

Student progress is measured on a daily basis using a variety of methods such as teacher‐designed tests, inpidual and group projects, self‐assessment and peer evaluation, oral presentations and regular marking of notebooks. Results are reported formally to parents three times per year. Assignment Reports and Tracking Sheets may be sent home to help inform parents and guardians of their child’s progress in all grades.

Daily “Agenda Checks’ by teachers keep parents informed. Grade 6 students participate in the Ministry of Education EQAO testing in mathematics, reading, and writing assessment during the spring of each school year. All grade 8 students are assessed using the OCDSB Diagnostic Mathematics Test. Students use portfolios to keep samples of their work. Inpidual standardized assessments are administered on a needs basis. Inpidual Education Plans are developed as needed.

School Improvement Plans and Initiatives

The School Improvement Team, consisting of parents and staff, has developed an Improvement Plan to address numeracy, literacy, and a Safe School Action Team (Anti‐Bullying Awareness)




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