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The school council at GMS is made up of both parents and staff. We meet on the 4th Tuesday of each month, as well as daily contributions by inpiduals in support of various school programs and activities. The council provides an excellent way of making a meaningful contribution to the life of the students of GMS.

The following are the major areas that the GMS parent council focuses on:


Consultation between Parents and the School Staff


Throughout the year there are many issues that benefit from a dialog between parents and the school principal and other staff members. This can be information about things going on at school that parents should know about, as well as concerns or other issues that parents want to bring to the attention of the school.

The GMS council is set up to have a co-operative dialog with the school staff. In many decisions affecting the students, the parents are consulted early for feedback and suggestions before a new program is implemented. We are not simply told what will happen after the decision is made, but rather the council is an active part of making decisions that affect the students.

Issues or concerns that parents have that affect many students can also be raised and discussed with staff. This is again a co-operative environment where both parents and students work to resolve the issue and understand the potential options for a resolution.

Concerns of inpidual students or a specific situation are always discussed in private, and the confidentiality of any inpidual situation is always respected.


Learning Support


The students of GMS are here to learn, and parent support is a critical component to create a successful learning environment. The parents of GMS have many skills and interests that can help both in the classroom, as well as extracurricular activities.


Fundraising and the Needs List


The school has created a prioritized list of books, equipment and other items, known as the needs list, that would benefit the learning environment at the school. This is a master list that teachers and staff use to identify resources that they could use in the classroom, or in support of an extra-curricular activity. By prioritizing the items on the list, it is possible to do planning such that the resources with the most impact are purchased first, as well as ensuring that the resources are spread evenly for all students.


The GMS council has a number of fundraisers that are run in support of the needs list, or occasionally in support of a specific item, such as library chairs or sports equipment.




Healthbar provides milk, pizzas, subs, and pitas as a welcome break from bagged lunches. Both kids and parents look forward to the variety in the lunch menu.

Healthbar also generates funds that go towards the school's needs list.





"Administrivia" is the necessary evil to keep all of the other important activities running. The GMS council is following the regulations as set out by the Ministry of Education:


The GMS council is made up of the following executive positions, which all have voting rights on council:


Chair all meetings and oversee the running of council

Chair meetings when the chair is not present and help run council

Take minutes of all meetings and track any paperwork

Manage all finances of council


Voting Positions

Member at Large
Coordinator Positions
Healthbar Coordinator
Fundraising Coordinator




We need your help


The contribution of volunteers is a mutually beneficial process that greatly enhances the programs offered at Goulbourn Middle School. Over the years the students have really had an enriched experience as a result of the efforts of our volunteers.

We hope to continue with the traditional roles that volunteers have played in the past, but this coming school year we have a special focus. We want to expand the role of volunteers in our school and draw upon the vast expertise of members of our parent community.We want to help teachers enhance the curriculum offered to students, as well as expand the extra-curricular opportunities available to the students at GMS.


How can you get involved

Please feel free to contact the school and let them know that you are available to volunteer. Please think of how you can contribute to the school program. We welcome ALL suggestions.


Call us at 613-836-1312





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