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About our website

Then and Now

Over the last decade our old website adhered to the HTML 4 specification in an effort to make sure that every browser could access our content. Times have changed and we really wanted our new website to take advantage of all the features of modern web browsers. Our new site adheres to the HTML5 specification and takes advantage of CSS3 and Javascript, as well as the jQuery framework. This allows for new ways to present information and also lets our content work well on tablets and cellphones.

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Which Browser?

Our new website should work on many different browsers without any difficulty. Some browsers such as Internet Explorer present some unique challenges, but we have done our best to address them. Because our whole school board has "Gone Google" we will ensure that all of the features of our website work with the Google Chrome browser, as we are also using this browser for a number of our Cloud based applications at school.

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Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA)

It is very important to us to make sure that all of our content is accessible by all of our users. We have made every effort to ensure that our website is AODA compliant Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

We have used two validation tools to check the integrity of our website:

Web Accessibility Checker
WAVE - Web accessibility evaluation tool

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Multilingual Support

Using the latest translation tools available, we have tried to make our content accessible in many different languages. These tools are not perfect, but is our intention to include as many different users as we can.

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From the Principal

picture of our principal Robyn Darragh

Dear Parents,

Happy Friday! Most of us seem to be on the mend health wise and this is just in time for some milder temperatures this weekend.

On Wednesday, a staff member from Bell HS visited Shipley Centre to follow up on their recent Transition visit. As well, our Future ACES led their second assembly. Students who earned a light on our tree in December were celebrated and the importance of helping out others through various GMS clubs and initiatives were discussed. We are so pleased to have a student organized assembly by these awesome school leaders.

On Thursday and Friday, we welcomed Ottawa Public Health nurses for our second immunization clinic. Grade 8 girls received the second of three HPV vaccinations. Grade 7s received the Menactra vaccine. If your child did not receive the vaccine, please call 613 580 6744 to make a 'catch-up clinic' appointment at 100 Constellation Drive in Nepean. Otherwise, the nurses will be back at GMS in April to finish the required immunizations for this age group.

A Free the Children Club got up and running this week at GMS. Close to fifty enthusiastic students showed up to express their desire to be part of this club which focuses on education and giving back to others.

Our School Resource Officer, Constable Hupe will begin hosting the North Star Girls Program on January 27th at lunch recess as part of her community outreach. This program is designed to help promote feelings of self-esteem and self-confidence, and provide education about healthy ways to cope with the stresses and pressures of adolescence.

On behalf of School Council, I would like to invite you to attend the January 2015 meeting. We will be meeting on January 27th at 6:30 PM in the Library. New members are always welcome!

On January 28th, our grade 8 students will have their ‘Grad’ photos taken for our annual composite. Students are encouraged to wear a white collared shirt for this event.

On January 29th, as part of our Transition planning, our friends from South Carleton will visit our grade 8s to discuss option sheets.

Try outs for Intermediate Boys and Girls Basketball begins on Wednesday after school. Thank to Mme Mullins for providing this opportunity for our students.

Wishing you a great weekend!


Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

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Goulbourn Middle School has embraced the concept of bringing your own to device to further embed technology in our classrooms. This initiative complements the clusters of iPads and Chromebooks we already have in place. The intent is to enable a culture of access and mobility in our classrooms to support the learning process, with a special focus on supporting inquiry-based learning.

A typical Lunch Hour at GMS

Equipment lending for outdoor use

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Playing Outside

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picture of kids in the Mini-Lab

Future Aces

picture of kids from Future Aces

Student Success Center

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picture of kids playing floor hockey

Teacher Helpers

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Games Room

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Dance Club

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Student Newspaper

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You be the DJ

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Pick a song for the PA in the AM

What is your name?

What song would you like to hear in the morning?

Searching the GMS website

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Our site is regularly indexed by Google. You can use Google to find any posts on our website.

Simply type in Goulbourn Middle School and the keyword you are searching.

For example:

Let's say you wanted to see info on our site about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

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Community of Character

Character Development is a responsibility shared between home, school and community. Students need to be exposed to good character and have the importance of it reinforced by everyone around them.

Staff Spotlight

picture of Miss Penney in front of mountains

My name is Dorothy Penney. I am a proud Newfoundlander who has transplanted herself to Ontario. While “the mainland” definitely has its own beauty, I miss the Atlantic Ocean terribly! I travel to my beloved Province whenever possible! I am completing my second year as the proud vice-principal o f Goulbourn Middle School! We truly have the GREATEST students in Ottawa! Throughout my teaching career, I have had the privilege to work in all elementary classrooms from JK – grade 8. I have also had the opportunity to work at the school board as an instructional coach in the Department of Inclusive, Safe and Caring Programs.

picture of Miss Penney skiing

I spend a lot of my free time travelling, being active, and hanging out with friends in the great outdoors! So far I have been lucky to visit places such as: Australia, Norway, Ukraine, Switzerland, the Philippines, and lived in the Dominican Republic for two years. My greatest passion is spending time with family whenever I can – especially, the world’s greatest nieces and nephews.