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About our website

Then and Now

Over the last decade our old website adhered to the HTML 4 specification in an effort to make sure that every browser could access our content. Times have changed and we really wanted our new website to take advantage of all the features of modern web browsers. Our new site adheres to the HTML5 specification and takes advantage of CSS3 and Javascript, as well as the jQuery framework. This allows for new ways to present information and also lets our content work well on tablets and cellphones.

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Which Browser?

Our new website should work on many different browsers without any difficulty. Some browsers such as Internet Explorer present some unique challenges, but we have done our best to address them. Because our whole school board has "Gone Google" we will ensure that all of the features of our website work with the Google Chrome browser, as we are also using this browser for a number of our Cloud based applications at school.

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Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA)

It is very important to us to make sure that all of our content is accessible by all of our users. We have made every effort to ensure that our website is AODA compliant Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

We have used two validation tools to check the integrity of our website:

Web Accessibility Checker
WAVE - Web accessibility evaluation tool

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Multilingual Support

Using the latest translation tools available, we have tried to make our content accessible in many different languages. These tools are not perfect, but is our intention to include as many different users as we can.

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From the Principal

Dear Parents,

On September 25th, we welcomed Danny Pece from Ottawa Hydro. He shared how to conserve electricity in the home and deepened our students’ understanding of electrical voltage and currents in a fun and interactive way.

We completed our third and final fire drill of 2014 on September 26th. Our next safety drill will be a lockdown practice with Constable Hupe and other members of the Ottawa Police force at the beginning of October.

We are gearing up for our Terry Fox/Richard Kee Run/Walk next Friday afternoon. Throughout the week, Greyhounds will be learning about Terry Fox, his legendary run and his dream of beating cancer. Students are encouraged to bring in a Toonie for Terry and to wear GMS clothing or red and white.

Just a reminder that PHOTO DAY is Monday, September 29th. The gym will be closed to classes during the day so students should dress for outdoor phys ed classes.

I am pleased to present to you the GMS School Council members for the 2014-2015 school year. The School Council meets the fourth Tuesday of each month at 6:30 PM in the GMS Library. Meetings are typically one hour in length. New members are always welcome!

Co-Chairs: Melissa Aitken and Marcie Kwindt
Vice-Chair: Jennifer Tackabury
Treasurer: Christina Sunstrum
Secretary: Kristina Ducas
OCASC Rep: Susanne Bowen
Food Program Coordinator:   Rosanne Wall
Members at Large: Casey Edwards, Mona Beimers, and Karen Bell
Staff Reps: Barb Friesen, Liana Gallant

   Have a wonderful weekend.


You be the DJ

silouette of a DJ with two turntables

Pick a song for the PA in the AM

What is your name?

What song would you like to hear in the morning?

Save the Sand Dunes

"Save the National Capital Sand Dunes" Poster Contest

Create a poster that highlights the Pinhey Sand Dunes as well as some of its key native insects and plants.

The poster must be hand drawn, painted on paper or canvas in any medium of the artist's choice, including cut-paper design and mixed media, or generated on a computer.

Submissions due to Mrs. Hillsdon by October 20


Ottawa FURY

picture of the Ottawa Fury logo

A member (or two) and the mascot of the Ottawa FURY will be visiting Goulbourn on October 7th at 1:30 PM as part of the GOALS program.

The Ottawa FURY FC school program is not just about getting autographs from professional soccer players and meeting the mascot Sparky. They provide fun, engaging and educational life-lessons that meet our school’s curriculum including:

- Character Building
- Goal Setting
- Team Work
- Anti-Bullying

Every student has goals, be it to get an ‘A’ on the next math test, to earn enough money to buy a new bike or to become a Pro Soccer player – these are all GOALS. The Ottawa FURY will come to our school to discuss the importance of setting goals and never giving up. The players will provide concrete examples of challenges they faced as children on their life-path towards getting to their goal of becoming a professional soccer player.

picture of the Ottawa Fury mascot

Tysen's Mission to a Million

picture of Tysen with a recipient of a hot tub

Help our very own Greyhound in his mission: http://www.missiontoamillion.ca

Follow the Dreamcatchers on Twitter

Community of Character

Character Development is a responsibility shared between home, school and community. Students need to be exposed to good character and have the importance of it reinforced by everyone around them.