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About our website

Then and Now

Over the last decade our old website adhered to the HTML 4 specification in an effort to make sure that every browser could access our content. Times have changed and we really wanted our new website to take advantage of all the features of modern web browsers. Our new site adheres to the HTML5 specification and takes advantage of CSS3 and Javascript, as well as the jQuery framework. This allows for new ways to present information and also lets our content work well on tablets and cellphones.

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Which Browser?

Our new website should work on many different browsers without any difficulty. Some browsers such as Internet Explorer present some unique challenges, but we have done our best to address them. Because our whole school board has "Gone Google" we will ensure that all of the features of our website work with the Google Chrome browser, as we are also using this browser for a number of our Cloud based applications at school.

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Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA)

It is very important to us to make sure that all of our content is accessible by all of our users. We have made every effort to ensure that our website is AODA compliant Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

We have used two validation tools to check the integrity of our website:

Web Accessibility Checker
WAVE - Web accessibility evaluation tool

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Multilingual Support

Using the latest translation tools available, we have tried to make our content accessible in many different languages. These tools are not perfect, but is our intention to include as many different users as we can.

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From the Principal

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Dear Parents,

Happy Friday! Please find a link at the bottom of this message to our monthly newsletter with highlights of the week and the month as a whole. As we look ahead to next week, we will be participating in the Waste Free Lunch Challenge. More information can be found in a section below.

We wish our Girls and Boys Touch Football teams good luck at the Regional Tournaments. Best of luck to our Cross Country Runners representing GMS at the Board meet. Go Greyhounds Go!

Our Improv workshops continue on Monday and Tuesday. We look forward to working with Jennifer again next week.

Our first Cooking With Class Entrée will be served on Friday. We look forward to our yummy tacos!

Photo Retakes are also scheduled for Friday!

Have a great weekend!


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Cross Country

picture of cross country runners at the starting line

The Greyhounds lived up to their name at the regional intermediate meet. 3 of the 4 teams qualified en masse for the board race next Thursday afternoon: both grade 7 teams who came in first place, and the grade 8 boys who came in 3rd place. While the grade 8 girls were edged into 4th place, Sophie and Celeste both qualified at 5th and 15th place respectively. GMS brought home the coveted intermediate aggregate (collective score) first place again this year.

Coaches Bird and Klassen are very proud of all runners!

The Fourth Dimension

picture of the 4th dimension poster featuring 2 dinosaurs

Congratulations to GMS’ newest Math club, the Fourth Dimension!! Thanks to those who voted for the name. The Fourth Dimension is a Math club for interested students to get together to work on math problems and to practice for math contests. They meet Day 1 at the lunch recess in the main lab

The Caribou Contests are open to any students in grades 6, 7, and 8 who would like to participate.

The Gauss Contest is for grade 7 and 8 students only. These math contests are administered by Brock University, and the University of Waterloo respectively, to provide enrichment activities for interested young mathematicians. Practice sessions will be offered during lunch recess on Day 1. The Caribou Contest involves a series of six tests spread over the school year, with the first one scheduled on October 15, 2014.

The students’ rankings are based on their best five results out of six. The Gauss Contest takes place in a single session in May.

For more information please visit these websites:


Families are responsible for the administration fee for their students. Registration fees for the Caribou contests has been waived thanks to a generous donation by a GMS family. The Gauss Contest fee is $4.00 per student. If your child is interested in participating in the contests please complete the permission form:

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SLAM Poetry

GMS has a Slam Poetry club

Come and join us and learn how to do it yourself!

We will talk about figurative language, word play and poetry techniques. Come and write, share and perform, Day 5, room 102

South Carleton Parent Information Session

picture of South Craleton HS

Even though we are still early in the 2014-2015 school year, it is time for our Grade 8 families to start planning for high school. Principal Anderson and Head of Student Services Mrs. Eady will be visiting GMS on November 6th secondary school requirements and curriculum, please join us in the Library at 6:30 PM. A student visit will follow in December.

Canterbury High School Programs

picture of Canterbury HS

Attention Grade 8s! A representative from Canterbury High School will be here on November 18th provide an information session for students interested in applying to their arts program in grade 9. The session will be held in Mrs. Friesen’s classroom, Room 114.

Music Update from Mr. Donkor

picture of the musical notes

I am overwhelmed with excitement about our Music extra-curricular activities! We’ve had great turnout for Concert Band, G notes choir and Guitar Club. It all began with our yearly Music Mentors program. For those of you who do not know, it is a collaborative effort that allows our more experienced intermediates to work with our incoming music students. Not only do they benefit from additional instruction, it also serves as the perfect opportunity for students to get to know one another. At this point, we are focused on building our repertoire. We cannot wait to show you what we’ve been up to.

Staff Spotlight

picture of Ms Bird

My name is Jacqueline Bird, and I am thrilled to be part of the Greyhound pack full-time this year! This will mark my third year of teaching in the OCDSB, and I have recently finished my Masters of Education with a specialization in Teaching, Learning, and Evaluation from the University of Ottawa.

I love to learn and to discover, and I hope to help my students to love these things in their own ways. Some of my favourite hobbies include: reading, writing, painting, and knitting. I grew up ski racing at Camp Fortune, was a team member of the McGill Varsity Ski Team, and will try to sneak away during the winter weekends as often as I can to hit the slopes of a nearby mountain. I play volleyball and football, but love participating in any sport when the opportunity presents itself.

I enjoy travelling, and will find just as much excitement in exploring Ottawa and its surroundings as I will somewhere a plane ride away. Although I haven't mastered any instrument, I enjoy "dabbling" in many: guitar, banjo, ukulele, and the harmonica. I love being outside, having a coffee, and sharing a good laugh.

Learning is everywhere, and my students are encouraged to keep trying new things, keep a positive attitude, and become lifelong learners!

Tysen's Mission to a Million

Help our very own Greyhound in his mission: http://www.missiontoamillion.ca

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Community of Character

Character Development is a responsibility shared between home, school and community. Students need to be exposed to good character and have the importance of it reinforced by everyone around them.