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About our website

Then and Now

Over the last decade our old website adhered to the HTML 4 specification in an effort to make sure that every browser could access our content. Times have changed and we really wanted our new website to take advantage of all the features of modern web browsers. Our new site adheres to the HTML5 specification and takes advantage of CSS3 and Javascript, as well as the jQuery framework. This allows for new ways to present information and also lets our content work well on tablets and cellphones.

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Which Browser?

Our new website should work on many different browsers without any difficulty. Some browsers such as Internet Explorer present some unique challenges, but we have done our best to address them. Because our whole school board has "Gone Google" we will ensure that all of the features of our website work with the Google Chrome browser, as we are also using this browser for a number of our Cloud based applications at school.

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Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA)

It is very important to us to make sure that all of our content is accessible by all of our users. We have made every effort to ensure that our website is AODA compliant Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

We have used two validation tools to check the integrity of our website:

Web Accessibility Checker
WAVE - Web accessibility evaluation tool

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Multilingual Support

Using the latest translation tools available, we have tried to make our content accessible in many different languages. These tools are not perfect, but is our intention to include as many different users as we can.

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From the Principal

picture of our principal Robyn Darragh

Dear Parents,

Happy Friday! It is hard to believe that there are only five more school days until the Winter Break! With all of the recent snow, it is starting to look and feel like the holidays!

Thank you to all families who donated cookies or purchased draw tickets for our second annual Cookie Walk. We had well over 100 tasty treats to raffle off! Thank you to our School Council members for organizing this festive event!

Congratulations to the boys’ volleyball team for playing a very good tournament on Wednesday at ALC. The boys represented GMS well, playing well in the round robin and won a tie breaker to make the playoffs. Sadly, the boys lost to Glen Cairn in the playoffs. Thanks for the good season, boys! Thank you to Mme Mullins for providing this opportunity for our boys!

We are more than proud of the girls’ volleyball team. On Thursday, they played outstanding games, winning against every school they played in the round robin and quarter finals. In the semi-finals, they dominated in their second game against a strong and determined Katimavik team with an early lead, but were narrowly defeated. All players showed exceptional skills and were complimented by officials, spectators, and other coaches for their sportsmanship. A great season, Lady Greyhounds! Thank you Mme Klassen for coaching these fine athletes!

Congratulations to all of the musicians and singers who performed in the Songs of the Season concert last night. You sounded wonderful and brought the spirit of the season to all in attendance. Thank you to all of the guests in attendance for the amazing turnout and for assisting with the take down of chairs. We appreciate your ongoing support! Thank you to Mr. Donkor and Mrs. Wiggins for their dedication to the Music program at GMS.

The OCDSB is inviting parents and guardians to provide input into the future priorities of the school district. You may have received an e-mail inviting you to participate. If you did not receive an e-mail, you can participate by going to the District website at www.ocdsb.ca and following the links to EverySchool_EveryVoice. There, you will find more information about the consultation process and how to self-register so that you can share your thoughts. All information on the website can be translated by clicking on the language button at the top of the page. Please take a few minutes to share your thoughts by going to www.ocdsb.ca/everyschool_everyvoice. Thanks very much.

Looking ahead to next week, Winter Activity Day registration begins! We are excited to see the return of this popular program. Students will have the opportunity to hold their spot for their preferred choice on Monday or Tuesday at first recess. In order to guarantee the space, completed paperwork and payment is required prior to the break.

Students who are interested in playing intramural floor hockey at noon in January or February are asked to sign up on the sports bulletin board. The draft will begin soon, so you don’t want to miss out!

On Tuesday, our grades 8s are headed to South Carleton for a tour as part of their transition planning. We are certain that they will enjoy seeing the facility, Greyhound alumni, and meeting members of the LINK crew!

On Friday, December 19th, we will enjoy a day of holiday fun! Students will have an opportunity to play in or watch our annual student vs staff volleyball game in the morning, and dance, paint or play board games in the afternoon. It will be a wonderful way to end 2014!

Have a fantastic weekend!


Girls Volleyball

picture of a student serving

The team of 14 grade 7 and 8 girls, combined rookies and veterans, were able to play several exhibition games this season in order to improve their skills and game play. They went into the regional finals on Dec. 11 with several confident wins under their belts. In the tournament, they played outstanding games, winning against every school they played in the round robin and quarter finals. In the semi-finals, they dominated in their second game against a strong and determined Katimavik team with an early lead, but were narrowly defeated.

picture of a students playing volleyball

All players showed exceptional teamwork and skills, and were complimented by officials, spectators, and other coaches for their sportsmanship. A great season, Lady Greyhounds! Coach Klassen is extremely proud of every player for her dedication to the sport and the team.

picture of a students playing volleyball

You be the DJ

picture of a DJ with a turntable

Pick a song for the PA in the AM

What is your name?

What song would you like to hear in the morning?


Over the past couple of years, through the generosity of our parent council, we have been able to purchase 2 sets of equipment for a new (to us) game called Tchoukball. (Pronounced "chook"ball) Students in various phys. ed. classes are learning to play this non-defensive and inclusive game and will have an opportunity to play it as an intramural in the coming year.

It's quite an exciting sport as you will see if you watch this video:

If you want to see kids from another middle school explain the rules for the game, watch this video:

Changing your Mindset

Why the Growth Mindset is the Only Way to Learn

Every School Every Voice

picture of Every School Every voice banner

As an important member of our community, we want to learn about your with our schools and/or our District.  We have launched an online consultation process to help us better understand what you think we do well, where we can improve, and how we might better engage and support our stakeholders.  Your answers will help us to develop our future priorities.

​Here's how you can be a part of the conversation:

Step One - December 1st – December 14th
Around December 1st, you will have received an e-mail with the subject line: #EverySchool_EveryVoice, inviting you to participate. Click on the link in the e-mail to answer three open-ended questions. If you  don’t get an e-mail you can register yourself on our website www.ocdsb.ca

Step Two - January 9th – 18th
In January, you will receive an e-mail inviting you to help set priorities. The e-mail will contain a link so you can see the input received during Step 1. Pick what's important to you. Everyone is welcome to participate – whether or not you shared your thoughts in December.

Step Three - February 2015
You will receive an e-mail about the results, which will also be posted on our website www.ocdsb.ca

​Need More Information?
Learn more from our introductory video or on the district website which includes some frequently asked questions. If you have more questions, please contact Paula Hall, Strategic Business Analyst at  EverySchool_EveryVoice@ocdsb.ca or call 613-596-8211, ext. 8402.​

Community of Character

Character Development is a responsibility shared between home, school and community. Students need to be exposed to good character and have the importance of it reinforced by everyone around them.

Staff Spotlight

picture of Ms Church and her family

My name is Sheena Church and I have called Goulbourn home for the past six years. Previously, I worked as an Educational Assistant at J. H. Putman, Henry Munro, Huntley Centennial and ALC. Usually you would find me in Terrade Centre, Student Success, Wednesday night Homework Club or at the buses after school, but occasionally I venture out to spend time organizing the grade 6s. Last year, I helped our students make minion cupcakes that we sold as a school fundraiser. Since this project was a huge success, we began a new endeavor this year. We provide hot lunch entrees to the school once a month as part of our "Cooking With Class" Life Skills program.

picture of Minion cupcakes

Goulbourn is a great place to work. I love all of the extra curriculars and fun activities that we do throughout the year. One of my favourite parts of the day is welcoming the students on the yard as they get off the bus on morning yard duty. I like our entrepreneurial projects and am a member of “Team Gelmo’ in the fit and finish department.

When I am not school, I enjoy spending time with my husband Brent and two boys ages six and two. Having two active and curious boys, we like to keep ourselves busy by visiting museums, the new trampoline park and the movie theatre on occasion. In the summer, we are avid campers and spend most of our time outdoors hiking and swimming. When I get free time to myself, which is rare, I like to be creative through many forms of art, baking, and spending time with my friends.

picture of Ms Church and family at the museum