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About our website

Then and Now

Over the last decade our old website adhered to the HTML 4 specification in an effort to make sure that every browser could access our content. Times have changed and we really wanted our new website to take advantage of all the features of modern web browsers. Our new site adheres to the HTML5 specification and takes advantage of CSS3 and Javascript, as well as the jQuery framework. This allows for new ways to present information and also lets our content work well on tablets and cellphones.

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Which Browser?

Our new website should work on many different browsers without any difficulty. Some browsers such as Internet Explorer present some unique challenges, but we have done our best to address them. Because our whole school board has "Gone Google" we will ensure that all of the features of our website work with the Google Chrome browser, as we are also using this browser for a number of our Cloud based applications at school.

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Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA)

It is very important to us to make sure that all of our content is accessible by all of our users. We have made every effort to ensure that our website is AODA compliant Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

We have used two validation tools to check the integrity of our website:

Web Accessibility Checker
WAVE - Web accessibility evaluation tool

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Multilingual Support

Using the latest translation tools available, we have tried to make our content accessible in many different languages. These tools are not perfect, but is our intention to include as many different users as we can.

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From the Principal

picture of our principal Robyn Darragh

Dear Parents,

Our four day week certainly flew by!

Thank you to our friends from Colonel By and Canterbury High Schools who met with our grade 8 students to discuss secondary school options.

Thank you to our parent volunteers who joined us for the field trip to Canterbury.

A big thank you is extended to the parents who were able to attend our Parent-Teacher interviews on November 20th and 21st. Our school was a busy place with parents, students, and teachers coming together to discuss individual progress this year. We truly appreciate the interest, support, and positive feedback received from our parent community and look forward to continuing our conversations throughout the year.

Now that winter has arrived, we wanted to remind families of a few important items:

As the weather continues to change, we would like to remind students that they are to dress warmly for the weather. We appreciate all our families’ support in sending their children to school dressed properly and prepared to be outside to enjoy the fresh air and active play. Living in the Ottawa area, we are accustomed to a variety of weather patterns, but that doesn’t often stop us from enjoying the outdoors! We keep a close eye on the forecast, and when necessary, we have indoor recesses when the weather is inclement, such as steady rain, excessive wind, temperatures or wind chills that fall below -25 degrees Celsius.

Snowballs are always an issue when we experience our first few snowfalls. Snowball throwing is not permitted in our schoolyard. Please reinforce respectful behaviour with your child so that all of our students may enjoy a safe and fun time during recess and continue to abide by GMS’ Code of Behaviour.

Next week, begins part two of Term 1. In keeping with our focus on a growth mindset, students are encouraged to reflect on their established goals and the feedback received from teachers in their Progress Report as they continue their academics.

On Monday, our Student Council Reps and Terrade Centre will be heading to Canadian Tire Centre for the Ottawa 67s Character and Leadership Development Game. I’m sure our students will have a wonderful time!

Our grade 7s will be participating in their third session with our Public Health Nurses as part of Healthy Transitions program.

Extra curriculars continue and our volleyball teams are preparing for their December tournament.

Just a reminder that our next School Council meeting will take place on Tuesday, November 25th at 6:30 PM in the GMS Library. New members are always welcome!

Have a restful long weekend.


Greyhound News Flash

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Yes... We Do Have a Newspaper Club.

Two very short weeks ago, our school started a newspaper club. We meet every day five at lunch recess in the main computer lab/library. We will release a new issue every week. You can check it out on our new and improved Goulbourn Middle School website.

Click on the newspaper below to see our first issue

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Changing Your Mindset

picture of 4 students pondering their mindsets

Goulbourn takes Character Education very seriously as part of our overall school culture. We are promoting the concepts of:

Change Your Words

Change Your Mindset

We are excited about how these initiatives will positively impact our students and school.

Minister's Student Advisory Council

picture of 4 students pondering their mindsets

The Minister's Student Advisory Council (MSAC) is a group of about 60 students in grades 7-12 who come from publicly funded schools all across the province.

Members share their ideas and advice with the Minister of Education on a variety of topics about our publicly funded education system.

Click on the picture below for a poster

picture of words ministry student advisory council

Community of Character

Character Development is a responsibility shared between home, school and community. Students need to be exposed to good character and have the importance of it reinforced by everyone around them.

Staff Spotlight

picture of Mr Mahon

Hello, my name is Michael Mahon and I am one of the Grade 7 and 8 Science and Math teacher this year. Last year was my first year teaching at G.M.S. I was the Science and Tech teacher, which I really enjoyed. I was very proud of all the projects that the students made. Visit my website to see some of the amazing examples. Prior to coming to G.M.S. I spent 8 years at Roberta Bondar Public School, where I also taught Grades 7 and 8.

When I'm not in the classroom I can regularly be found at the hockey arena. My first passion is teaching and my second passion is coaching. I had been involved with coaching hockey and other sports for over 30 years. My friends and family call me the "handyman" because I also like wood working, working on cars and fixing things around the house.

picture of Mr Mahon's two dogs

My wife Debra and I do not have young children living at home anymore, but we do have our two dogs, Misty and Bailey who we love and spoil a lot. They do not believe they are dogs!

One of the items on my bucket list, is to travel to Ireland and explore my Irish heritage.